Enter this 6000 square foot fence maze! Sounds innocent enough. Just an easy walk through... Except for the dead ends! Did you just trip over an old headstone? Stub your toe on a crypt? Will you ever escape? Alive?

Tread lightly. You’ll be greeted by residents at every dead end. Some will be glad to see you, some not so much. Is that the wind howling or are those blood curdling screams? Why the uneasy feelings? No one’s stalking you, right?

2022 Dates

October  14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th

Hours:  6PM – 11PM  |  Price:  $26 online, $30 at the door.

Please note:  The haunted houses will be open until 11PM. Kangaroo petting zoo will be open until 8PM. Other attractions may close early depending on weather conditions and lighting due to safety concerns.